2016 AAS Garden

2016 All America Selection Garden Contest 1st place Winner!

2016 Contest Theme: Pollinator Education

The 2016 Noelridge All American Selection  Garden contest theme of "Pollinator Education" proved to be a winner for Friends of Noelridge. Our AAS beds were home for a variety of pollinators. Along with our AAS Gardens, visitors were also encouraged to check out the Monarch Project tents that were be placed in the Noelridge Park Gardens. We were successful in raising monarch butterflies and swallowtail butterflies this summer in conjunction with the Monarch Research Project being coordinated by Clark McLeod and Cam Watts.  The Noelridge AAS Demonstration Garden was again selected as a first place winner in it's category. See the AAS website here.




The 2016 All America Selection Gardens were successful because of the cooperation of many  individuals and groups. We want to give a special thanks to Goodwill Industries who helped us weed, deadhead and harvest every week! We also appreciate the cooperation of the City of Cedar Rapids Parks Dept. for allowing us to use a space in the Park, to the greenhouse staff for their guidance and assistance, to the many, many volunteers, especially the Friends of Noelridge and the Linn County Master Gardeners. And most importantly, to our community. We love seeing so many visitors in our gardens and we appreciate their interest and support.