Noelridge News


Noleridge News

Flutterby Acres

We began our 2018 season on June 18th with approximately 100 first instar monarch caterpillars from the Monarch Research Station placed in our west tent.  From these, we released 47 healthy adult butterflies.

Our second generation was started with unrelated genetic stock (wild caught or raised by volunteer from wild-obtained eggs) with 5 female and 4 male adults, which were checked for OE parasite prior to being placed in the east tent July 31. These butterflies did their duty and produced an abundance of eggs before being released a few days later.  Such an abundance of eggs, in fact, that they pretty much decimated the milkweed in the east tent necessitating moving many large caterpillars into the west tent, where meanwhile we “adopted” many 4th and 5th instar caterpillars from  MRS.  However, there was plenty of fresh milkweed here now for all. 

Our “second” generation- from both sources- produced 233 healthy adult butterflies, 200 of these were Monarch Watch tagged before release.   We released a grand total of 280 healthy adult butterflies in 2018, with 42 dead caterpillars, 78 non-viable chrysalises, and 3 dead adults recorded. 

Overall, a successful season!

This  project relies on great volunteer leadership from Karla McGrail and from the reliable team of volunteers that monitors and cleans the tents every day throughout the summer. Great work everyone!


Butterfly tents and adjoining milkweed bed.

Butterfly tents and adjoining milkweed bed.




Free Little Library Coming to Noelridge Park

You will be able to “check out” books in the spring of 2019 at Noelridge Park.  Through the both creative and practical efforts of Esther Olson and Sona  Christensen, we will be adding an outside Little Library to the park next year.  Our library will stock both youth and adult books, and we hope our park visitors will enjoy taking, returning, and adding to the collection.  Right now, we have plenty of books to fill the case, but we may be asking for your help in the future to restock.



Girl Scout Project Beautifies Trash Cans

Noelridge Park was fortunate to have a Girl Scout Troup complete the painting and decorating of several Trash Cans. This project helped them achieve their Summer Beautification Badge. This brings attention to the importance of taking care of our environment. The Park Staff will be mounting signs by the cans soon.