2014 AAS Garden




The spring of 2014 saw the beginning of a new and exciting project in the gardens at Noelridge. A cooperative project involving a number of organizations and individuals culminated in an amazing All America Selection (AAS) Butterfly Garden.  The contained a number of All American Varieties of flowers that have not yet been released to the public. The project incorporated woven willow structures as well as a plants that attract butterflies to the gardens. Noelridge volunteers brought this garden to the public and the Linn County Master Gardeners held informational seminars during the growing season. The Noelridge gardens  have included an AAS vegetable garden for some years but this butterfly garden was a new addition to the park. This AAS garden was entered in to an international garden competition sponsored by the AAS organization. In October, all of the volunteers were very pleased to learn that the Noelridge AAS Butterfly Garden had won second place in its classification. See contest results here, http://all-americaselections.org/display_gardens/contest.cfm 

2014 AAS Butterfly Garden in Review

Preparations in the garden began on a cold and blustery March day with the weaving of 4 large willow "flutes." Volunteers were under the direction of master willow weavers Lindsay Lee, Lee Zieke and Mary Kopecky.


Noelridge volunteers returned to the gardens in April to weave willow baskets, towers and tomato supports. The towers and supports will be used in the AAS vegetable garden and baskets will be used in the butterfly garden.




Planting was successfully completed over a period of 3 days in mid May. Noelridge volunteers were assisted by a terrific team of folks from Goodwill Industries. The vegetable garden was planted in one day and the butterfly garden was done on successive days. 

Early summer provided more than enough moisture for the gardens, requiring a bit of replanting but the summer growing season has been very favorable for the AAS gardens. The fairly mild summer has allowed the plants to flourish. Visitors to the gardens have been enjoying the changes and progressions of the plantings! Enjoy the photos.......

May, 2014

May, 2014



The photo to the left shows the AAS vegetable garden shortly after it was planted. The photo below shows the same garden 3 months later. The pumpkins, cucumber and tomatoes are providing bumper crops!

August, 2014

August, 2014


The garden was vibrant with color throughout the growing season. It provided a marvelous habitat for a variety of butterflies.

DSC00155 b.jpg